Online Reputation Management

Well, to start off…..If you don’t think you need Online Reputation Management and you’re a business then you must be terribly mistaken. Here are a few facts you might want to consider if your lacking in revenue and business has slowed down: 87% of Americans say they trust online reviews to help choose which business to go with.  To top that off of course 88% of buyers said that they have avoided a company because of bad reviews.

Customer’s these days rely on other customers reviews online. All reviews are public information and businesses that leave their online reputation just floating around with no guidance put themselves at a severe disadvantage compared to those who have a structure in place to keep only good and positive reviews online. But where do you start?



These are some key areas you need to focus on:


Online Reviews

Online reviews are like the mecca of reviews because who doesn’t order online let alone check online reviews Your star ratings and search rankings depend on them. We actively help you request monitor and respond to online reviews using various methods.

Business Listings

Accurate, consistent business listings help your locations rank high in local search, and help customers find you instead of the competition. We assist you in auditing your original business listing company and fix inaccuracies plus inconsistencies all over the net.

Social Media

This is the voice of the people. You need to keep a close ear to what the customers are saying and doing to be on top of things. Not answering customers on social media platforms can lead to a 15% increase in the churn rate for existing customers. Our full ORM will help you engage with your buyer community online on all key sites, such as Facebook, Google and Yelp with community building activities.

Depending on your budget and what you need, you may start with one, several, or all of these areas. Our ORM platform will show you what’s critical, then build out your strategy. Please view the video to get your personalized walkthrough of how your dashboard will look and what it can do for you.



Here are some questions to ask as you define your goals for improving your Online Reputation:


1) Is the business receiving a healthy volume of online reviews? Are they stale or fresh?

2) What is the average star rating for the overall business? For individual locations?

3) How do we raise visibility in local search to attract customers?

4) How do we raise brand awareness at the local level?

5) Are all business listings associated with my organization up to date and accurate?

6) Do we actively capture feedback from customers through online reviews and surveys?

How can we capture and apply that feedback to optimize the customer experience?

7) Are we actively engaging buyers to build community on social media? What sites are our

customers using, and are we posting regularly to those sites?

8) Do I need help synthesizing and reporting on the data and text from reviews

and comments?

9) Would it make sense to outsource this, or can we manage it in-house?

84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

90% of people say online reviews influence their purchase decisions.

7/10 Customers will leave a review if asked to do so.

74% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

73% of customers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant.

Business Listings

  • Find new opportunities
  • Build new listings
  • Make sure listings are consistent


  • Track brand mentions online to see who’s talking about you and keep your ear to whats going on to see it from their eyes.

Promote Reviews & Feedback

  • Prompt your customers to leave reviews
  • Encourage the sharing of positive reviews on influential sites
  • Allow you to respond to negative reviews in a private setting